Clothes for inline skating

ATEX - Your engine in in-line lane.

Wearing ATEX sportswear means wearing top quality stuff. This is confirmed by our clients who are for example a champion in speed skating Martina Sáblíková and Nowis sport team members who have been racing in our clothes for years now. You can mix match jersey that fit any figure.

Come with your own design for your team and then nothing is stopping you to achieve the best results. We can make your in-line jacket, jersey with short sleeves, suit, short trousers or skate gaiters in your team colours.

In-line sweatshirt

Long front underlaid zip, two zip pockets, reflective details, stretch cuffs, elastic waistband.

In-line jersey with short sleeves

Two different models, standart SPORT version (see picture) and close-fitting PROFI model for professional in-liners.

In-line shorts

Drawstring at the waist, zip pocket, upper back part from Mesh material.

In-line skates covers

Upper part of covers is hemmed with silicone elastic.

In-line suit

Underlaid zip with cover, non-slip elastic, pocket for bottle.