ATEX Sportwear

ATEX Sportswear Company is a one hundred percent Czech company producing quality sportswear in small batches for many different sports.

The company has been manufacturing for more than twenty years exclusively in workshops in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to many years of close cooperation with many top European athletes, ATEX Sportswear are now able to accommodate everyone interested in quality clothing, whether professional team of rowers, anxious to achieve the best time or a bunch of cycling enthusiasts striving to get a decent thirst.

History of ATEX Sportswear

2024 January We are starting the seventh season of cooperation with the UCI continental cycling team TUFO PARDUS Prostějov!
2023 May We have established cooperation with the leading European obstacle running team Rehasport OCR Elite Team!
2022 November The Czech, Slovak, Belgian, Lithuanian, and Japanese teams are competing in the new season of the biathlon World Cup in ATEX clothing.
2022 February Athletes from seven different countries, representing seven different sports, are wearing the ATEX brand at the Beijing Winter Olympics
2021 December After two years of stagnation, 2021 is once again a year of economic growth for our company
2021 July At the Tokyo Olympics, the Czech national team is competing in rowing, triathlon, Greco-Roman wrestling, and beach volleyball with Ondřej Perušič and David Schweiner in our clothing.
2021 February Markéta Davidová becomes biathlon world champion in ATEX clothing!
2020 November Due to the COVID-19 situation, we had to close our production plant for first time ever. It lasted for almost three weeks.
2020 October We are becoming the official partner of International Biathlon Union (IBU).
2020 September The violent crackdown following the presidential elections in Belarus should not be overlooked. We immediately terminate the agreement with Biathlon Federation of Belarus. From this moment on we stopped supplying all national teams headed by President of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus A. Lukashenko.
2020 May We are launching our new collection for MMA in cooperation with the best Czech UFC fighter Jiří Denisa Procházka.
2019 January We newly dress a team of long-distance cross-country skiers for Visma Ski Classic series. These include stars such as Standa Řezáč and Slavia Pojišťovna sport team
2018 February Our sportswear is worn at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang by sportsmen of seven different disciplines and from nine different countries. 
2017 November New World cup in biathlon is full of ATEX logos. Not only Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian but newly also Croatian national teams are the lucky ones. 
2017 October Czech national curling team is wearing our clothes for the first time.
2017 July Our new sales representative is taking over the Swedish market. ATEX Hungary is being born, too.
2017 March We are launching a brand new e-shop
2016 April Czech national Skyrunning team is the first team whose closed was made with bonded seams technology
2016 January The Czech and Slovak ice-skating teams are wearing ATEX sportswear for the first time at European championship in Bratislava.
2015 September Our second workshop is being opened in Jesenik, Czechia.
2015 July We have newly established a Spanish representative and therefore supplying local market.
2015 June Thanks to our local representative we are opening up a door to the French-speaking market. 
2015 January Czech national wrestling team is starting to compete in our clothes.
2014 October Czech national Nordic Combined team will wear our clothes in the next season 2014/2015.
2014 September We are renewing our four-year contract with Czech biathlon federation. Slovakian national biathlon team is also going to wear ATEX clothes for the following 4 years while we are parting friends with Belarusian national biathlon team.
2014 February 44 sportsmen from 3 countries in 7 different disciplines are wearing ATEX clothes at the Olympics in Sochi. Some of these sportsmen then win 10 medals from which 4 are gold!
2013 July  Establishment of ATEX Sportswear Norge company, this way we are attempting to make a breakthrough in the birthplace of cross-country skiing.
2013 June After a four-year break we continue in a cooperation with the Czech rowing team. The biggest stars of this sport Mirka Knapková and Ondřej Synek wear our clothes these days. 
2013 February Nové Město na Moravě host the biggest domestic sport event of the year – World Championship in biathlon, where already four national team (CZK, SVK, BLR, NZL) wear our clothes.
2012 November ATEX is becoming an official partner of triathlon and biathlon federation, to be more precise of the Czech triathlon association and cross-country skiing division of Ski Association.
2012 April We are opening a new branch in Poprad, Slovakia. Foundation of ATEX Sportswear SK company is taking place which bring us closer to our customers.
2012 January In order to get closer to our Slovakian customers we are establishing ATEX Sportswear SK.
2010 November Opening of our Prague branch that also serves as our retail shop.
2010 May We are signing partnership contract with Slovakian national biathlon team. Thanks to that a big star of Slovakian sport and a recent Olympic winner, Anastasiya Kuzmina, also wears our clothes.
2009 April We are about to start producing biathlon clothes for Belarusian national team including the most popular sportswoman Darya Domracheva.
2009 March First retail shop in our place of business is being opened.
2008 July We are supplying Hi-Tec company with our clothes for Czech paralympic games in Beijing. We are also producing small-quantity lines for other renowned marks (ONE WAY Sport, Kappa...).
2006 September Change in company management. One of the company founders, Jaromír Fridrich, is leaving. Both sons – Oldřich Sova and Michal Fridrich, officially start participating in the company management. ATEX Sportswear is remaining a family business. 
2003 National speed skating coach Petr Novák contacts us to have clothing for his skaters done from us. The great white hope of his Nowis Team is 15-year-old Martina Sáblíková.
2002 Cross-country skiing is not far from biathlon. We are starting to produce clothes for Czech national team, first for the summer training and from 2006 the skiers run in our suits during the World cup.
2001 Every cyclist takes for granted cross-country skiing in the winter. We are adapting our range of products and after years of practice and testing we are reaching our target: Czech national cross-country skiing team is wearing our clothes. Later, ATEX Sportswear is wearing all top sportsmen including Olympic medallists Kateřina Neumannová, Lukáš Bauer or Martina Koukal.

We are making good use of our experience in making elastic clothes in other sport and that is figure skating. 11-year-old Michal Březina is wearing ATEX clothes.
2000 December Jan Hruška, new star of Czech cycling, is training for the new season in our clothes. He is soon followed by great sportsmen: Ján Svorada, Tomáš Konečný, Michal Hrazdíra, Lubor Tesař and so on.
2000 November Foundation of first version of our web pages
1999 Aerobic is in! Tomáš Krmíček, later multiple world champion in this sport, is wearing our clothes.
1998 Tight elastic clothes does not dominate aerobic only, but also rather remote sport: bobsleighing. Czech national bobsleighing team is wearing our clothes for the first time.

After Peter Vabroušek , we also cooperate with his brother, Michael who is later became world champion in rowing. We are launching into water. Prestigious Czech team Dukla is rowing in our clothes and later all Czech national team including Ondřej Synek and Mirka Knapková. We also cooperate with Václav Chalupa on his Chalupa Cup.
1996 Petr Vabroušek, student of Masaryk University, Brno is addressing us to provide him with new triathlon clothing. Due to this we also make clothes for his team colleague, Filip Ospalý who later became European champion.
1994 Wrestling club TAK HELLAS is based only a few steps from our company and so we are starting to produce wrestling clothes. From the same ´geographical´ reasons we are making first football clothes for our home team FC Medlánky.
1993 We are mainly interested in making cycling clothes and thus for a very popular aerobic exercise.
1992 July A couple Alena and Jaromír Fridrich are founding ATEX company Ltd. Alena can profit from a long-standing experience in the field of fashion design and clothes making and Jaromír from his career as a professional cyclist (among others double champion of Czech Republic in road cycling).