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    Czech biathlon
    Custom clothing also for your team
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    Ondrej Synek
    We dress the world champions
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    Vendula Frintova
    Our clothing is tested
    by the best Czech athletes


We are 100% Czech company producing quality sportswear in small batches for various sports. The company has been manufacturing clothes for more than twenty-five years exclusively in workshops based in the Czech Republic. Most of our regular customers are Czech but our clientele outside the borders is growing rapidly, especially in Germany, Belarus and other European countries.

We believe that we can satisfy everyone interested in good-quality clothing thanks to our long-lasting cooperation with many top European sportsmen. That is why you can find our clothes among Czech national teams of biathlon, rowing, triathlon, Nordic combined, bobsleigh, snowboard cross, wrestling, cross-country skiing and others.

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    Gabriela Soukalová


    We dress Czech and Slovak national biathlon teams including our historically most successful biathlon runner, medalist from Sochi and a multiple World Cup winner Gabriela Soukalova.
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    Ondřej Synek


    We have established a long-term cooperation with Czech national rowing team and therefore their members and stars have been competing with our clothes on. You can find legendary Vaclav Chalupa, Olympic winner Mirka Knapkova and three-time world champion Ondrej Synek among them.
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    Filip Ospalý


    We are partners of the Czech national triathlon team and our jerseys are represented in all types of triathlons. For example Vendula Frintova, winner of the world cup, is one of them together with Petr Vabrousek, a legend of a long triathlon or Filip Ospalý, a European champion.
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    Martina Sáblíková


    Martina Sabikova has been our client for more than 10 years which we are very proud of as she is a world record holder in speed skating and one of the best Czech road cyclists. Prestigious Czech team Nowis, represented by the coach Petr Novak, is currently making the most of ATEX Sportswear too.
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