Leisure time clothing

Leisure activities of your team? Sorted! Thanks to a close cooperation with various national teams of all kinds of sports we know exactly what our customer expects from such clothes. Nobody else can test out the quality and resistance of our leisure wear better than national biathlon team that spend more than half a year travelling, at hotels or airports.
The summer collection will for example surprise you with a t-shirt made of unique Batex material that you can perfectly match with our loose shorts (t-shirt is also available with a collar). When the weather cools down you can pick a light sweatshirt in two different versions - with pockets, zip-up and hood or a plain version.
Not only for training purposes but also for representative moments such as entering contests, staying in a hotel etc., we offer a sports suit made of Mikrotex material that comes as a comfortable jacket and long loose trousers.
Who is a fan of classic tracksuits can enjoy wearing clothes made of  Tchendan material. This is a modern stretch material that resembles classic ‘tracksuit’ fabric with the only difference that we are able to print on it using  sublimation technology as much as on any other clothes of our range. 
All materials, zips, threads, accessories are produced by respected  European companies but printing is done by us using the latest sublimation technology. We fully trust our clothes and that’s why we can offer you an extended 3-year warranty (to find out more, please click here).